Paul Koehler Jr. was born August 20th 1966 in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Already born into a racing background Paul got the chance of a lifetime because father Paul Koehler Sr. who was the owner of the business "Koehler Brothers" raced at speedways such as Dorney Park, Grandview, Nazareth, Evergreen, now Mountain Speedway, and Atlantic City. With Paul's father having racing in his blood and a very knowledgeable background on the sport, Paul was able to work on his father's race cars right along side of him. Getting the feel of the mechanical end of things this was something Paul really started to enjoy. Constantly being next to his father down at the shop and in the racing garage at home he was able to obtain a great span of knowledge for what his future would hold for him.

Paul attended Northampton Area High School and Vocational Technical School through the years of 1982 to 1984 where he would take classes for auto body to further his knowledge in the car industry. Meeting his now former wife Lisa Roberts she was right along side of him when he told her about his passion of the race car industry. Graduating in 1984 with a certificate of completion in Auto Body Repair and Refinishing Paul was able to now apply this to his future.

Working at his fathers' owned business Koehler Brothers, Paul got the chance to apply all the past knowledge from hands on work with his dad to the things he learned while attending school. This was Paul's time to shine with all the things he was taught and was now offered the opportunity to work on his own with his own unique sense of style and attitude. He now had the chance to be around what he loved the most in life and that was cars.

Getting married in April of 1986 with his first daughter Tiffany (now 19 years old) being born that September, he got an early start on "the facts of life". Buying land from now deceased grandmother in 1989 and building a house, at the age of 20 Paul along with supporting family was very proud of all the things he had accomplished at the age he did them at. With racing still very much kept in mind and the satisfaction of a happy family and an estate built for himself, a proud Paul was able to start to focus a little more on his passion which we all now know is racing.

In 1990, with second daughter Mercedes (now 14 years old) being born, Paul got a Late Model division car #66 on the track. Along with teammate and stepbrother Bobby Fenstemaker also racing alongside Paul in the #99 Late model car, they both had a taste at the competitive sport at a very much loved track Mahoning Valley Speedway.

In his first 1990 racing season, Paul was awarded "Rookie of the Year" award along with 5 heat wins and 2 feature wins, with a 7th place points finish. His teammate Bobby finished 9th in the point standings as well as 1 feature win.

With a taste of winning and an experience in the competitive field, Paul continued racing late model's through the years of 1991 and 1992 at Flemington Speedway in New Jersey. His car owner was Scott Edelman who now fields the Modified Division in the R.O.C tour for Matt Hirschman. Unfortunately Paul had limited success in these years of racing than his previous rookie year; he decided to take some time off. In 1993 and 1994
Paul took some time off to spend with his family. .

Missing the competitiveness of racing, he returned to the track in 1995 behind the wheel of a Troyer Modified. Racing at Evergreen, now Mountain Speedway, and Mahoning Valley he once again hit a bump in the road with limited funds and was forced again to take a break from his passion. After the 1995 season was over, he was forced to hang up his helmet for awhile.

In the midst of his time off, in the year 1997, father Paul Sr. retired as the owner of the family owned business Koehler Brothers where Paul Jr. jumped at the opportunity offer to take over the business and become sole owner of the shop he could never let go. Although the year 1998 had many more unexpected surprises Paul would have to embrace himself for.

With the separation from his now former wife Lisa in February of 1998 and the ups and downs of the business, it was very hard for Paul to focus on himself or racing for that matter. Obtaining custody of his 2 girls, Tiffany and Mercedes, the divorce being finalized, moving on with his life and starting over, Paul could finally exhale and the chance arose again for Paul to once again compete.

In the 1999 racing season, Doug Yanders who then owned a Late Model division car, #51 asked Paul to race for him at the Mahoning Speedway. Paul was ecstatic when those words came out of Doug's mouth and there was no thinking for Paul, he was already in the hot seat. After what seemed like a 20 year dry spell, Paul was able to compete and start back up his portfolio of racing experiences that everyone was able to enjoy with him again. In the summer of '99 racing season Paul was awarded 2 feature wins and was able to celebrate with his most adoring fans, his children who where there through thick and thin with him supporting him all the way because "We knew he could do it!"

Paul would go on to win the Late Model title in 2001 & 2002 at Pocono Mountain Speedway, as well as being awarded the "Rookie of the Year" in 2001. In 2003 Paul would be in the Top 10 at Mahoning Valley Speedway with his 5 Feature wins and also receiving the "Best Appearing Car " award at the Year end Banquet..

In 2004, Paul would Capture the Late Model Points Title at Mahoning Valley Speedway with 8 Feature wins. He led in the points the entire year, as well as receiving the "Best Appearing Car" award at the year-end Banquet.

Paul is looking forward to a great 2005 season with his Late Model Team. He will be racing at Mahoning Valley Speedway, as well as a few others throughout the year.......


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