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Crew Chief: Paul Koehler Sr

Crew: Ed Deitzer, Shelly Deitzer,Butch Creyer, Casey Creyer, Bryan Creyer, Shane Maker , Tiffany Koehler, Mercedes Koehler

CASEY CREYER (chief mechanic).......Casey was born in Northampton PA on June 26, 1976 and moved to Palmerton in 1981.........as a child...racing was in Casey's blood as he grew up around it.......in the 60's...his father...Ronald Creyer had raced for a little and also his brother Butch Creyer in the 90's....Casey's uncle...Dale Creyer....raced from the late 60's to the early 80's and at one time was team mate with Paul Koehler Sr. back in the day at Dorney Park....the Creyer's and the Koehler's go back over 40 years together.......even though Casey has always loved the sport of racing since he was a child...idolizing Dale Earnhardt Sr. and now today is a supporter of Dale Earnhardt Jr......it wasnt until the 2004 season that he joined the pit crew of Paul Koehler Jr......at the end of the 2005 season Pauly gave Casey his first break by letting him race his then 4 cylinder #92 at Mahoning...for a first timer....Casey showed that he was no stranger to the art of driving a race car.....finishing 9th out of 16 cars his first time out on the track.....Casey now has his own 4 cylinder #76 which he has been driving for the 2006 season at  Mahoning......although there have been many tough times with his car this year....ranging from wrecks and blown motors.....u will still find Casey out there each week competing and he has remained so far this season in the top ten in 10 points for his division........although Casey is quite busy with his own car......u will still find him each week working on Pauly's car and giving his all to help make Pauly a success this year as well.............Casey resides in Northampton where he shares a home with his girlfriend Christine (41) (who is a big supporter of Casey)...and her 3 daughters.....Cassandra (21).....Erica (18)....and Amber (15)..........Casey works for AllenTech Corporation......

Bryan Creyer was born October 19, 1983 in Palmerton PA.....the youngest member of the Creyer brothers.......he also grew up around the sport of racing......although not really able to remember his father and uncle racing, he does recall hearing all the stories that were told.......he came to love racing at an early age, when he began watching NASCAR and rooting on his driver Terry LaBonte.......like his brother Casey, he joined the pit crew of Paul Koehler Jr. in 2004....... a 2003 graduate of Carbon County VoTech....today Bryan lives in Palmerton and is employed by Kovachs, who build fire trucks.......aside from his love of racing, you can also find Bryan cruising around town on his 2005 Suzuki........

Ed Deitzer was born January 19th 1971 in Allentown Pennsylvania. While Ed was not born into a racing background, the sport of racing has been his passion from a very young age. Ed began his love for the sport by attending the Dorney Park Races in the late 70’s/early 80’s. Ed even worked in the french fry stand at Dorney in order to be able to be at the races every weekend. Ed remembers watching his favorite drivers Paul Koehler Sr., Mike Schauntzenbach, Darrel Breunig, Paul Bauscher, and many others light up the park every Saturday. As Ed entered his late teens, his love for the sport grew and he began to broaden his taste for it by attending Grandview Speedway. Wanting to be a part of the action, Ed began to help various pit crews throughout the years at Grandview including Francis Hardner and Jamie Undercoffler by way of his stepbrother, Michael Drobot (AKA: Nimey). Other various crews Ed assisted with include Keith and Ron Haring, Tom Benner, Warren Kohler, Tracy and Barry Readinger, and Lance Hoch. After graduating from Emmaus High School in 1989, Ed began to find that dirt was a much different type of racing, and although entertaining, was just not quite enough to keep Ed amused. Thus, Ed again set out to find more to the sport and began to get involved in drag racing. By way of Top Speed Performance and Rick Medence and Jim Yocivello, another passion was sparked. Ed assisted on the pit crew of this team and their Super Pro Dragster by attending New Media Raceway, Englishtown, Maple Grove, and Island Drag Way. Ed also later assisted with Roy Hall’s Pro Street Camaro. Once Ed’s stepbrother’s son, Beau Drobot, became old enough to race, Ed shifted his focus back home to asphalt and became involved with Go-Kart racing. After numerous years of Go-Kart racing and watching his nephew win championships in well over a hundred of races, Beau then moved up within the sport and began to drive street stock cars at Mountain Speedway. It was at this track that Ed met and became friends with Paul Koehler, Jr. A few years later, after developing a deeper friendship and with over 20 years experience around the sport, Ed has found a home with the “00” Asphalt Late Model driver and crew. Ed is currently employed as an over the road truck driver for East Penn Manufacturing for the past 11 years. Although his job takes him far and near, Ed still finds time to hook his 2003 GMC Sierra HD pick-up truck to the Koehler Brother’s race car trailer every Saturday for the races.

Shelly (Grim) Deitzer: was born January 11th 1973 in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Ever since a very young age, she had been exposed to some form of racing or another. Shelly’s father instilled in her a love for the sport by way of talking about his experiences and memories of the Reading Race Track and helping with the Cooper’s Speed Shop Modified. Additionally, Shelly’s mother had the sport of racing within her bloodline, as Paul Bauscher is Shelly’s mother’s cousin. Thus, the Grim family would go to the Dorney Park Races most Saturday evenings to watch the “Flying Farmer” strut his stuff along with other favorites such as Freddie Hamm, the Markovic brother’s and many more…all the while not knowing that her future husband was selling her french fries from a stand during intermission. Shelly met her husband, Ed Deitzer, at the Rt. 100 Roller Skating Rink in 1991. Finding that they had much in common by way of a love for the sport of racing, Shelly accompanied Ed while he explored various types of racing, and thus her love and knowledge for the sport grew as well. However, much to Shelly’s dismay and ultimate surprise, Ed’s passion for the sport was so intense that at one point she had a poster size picture of Dale Earnhart Sr. over her bed. After Shelly graduated from Cedar Crest College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Ed and Shelly were married on September 30th, 1995. Fortunately, after marriage, Ed and Shelly were able to reach an agreement that all racing memorabilia would be at least absent from the bedroom. Currently, Shelly is pursuing her Master’s Degree in Social Work through Marywood University with plans to graduate in May of 2007. She is currently employed with KidsPeace National Centers in Orefield, Pennsylvania as the Assistant Supervisor of KidsPeace Pennsylvania Residential Admissions. Even after her 8 hour work days and many hours devoted to school work, Shelly still finds time to accompany her husband and the Koehler crew to the track every Saturday.

Shayne Maker: was born February 22nd 1972 in Chatfield, Minnesota. Although Shayne was not exposed to the sport of racing at a young age, Shayne was certainly exposed to sports in general. Shayne played sports all throughout high school and has a deep love for baseball , but is especially fond of the sport of football. After graduating from High School in Minnesota in 1990, Shayne attended the University of South Dakota. Shayne played football for the Coyotes as a Nose Guard. After graduating from the University of South Dakota in 1994 with a degree in Education, Shayne moved to Clarion, Pennsylvania to work as the Defensive Coordinator for the Golden Eagles. Around this time is when Shayne met his ex-wife, Shannon, and the two were married in 1999. Unfortunately, after irreconcilable differences, the two divorced in 2001, and Shayne moved to the Bethlehem/Allentown area of Pennsylvania to pursue a career as a Personal Trainer with Peak Strength and Conditioning through the West End Racquet Ball and Fitness Club/Trexlertown 24-hour Fitness Center. By way of being his personal fitness trainer, Shayne met Ed Deitzer and the two became and continue to be very good friends. Through his friendship with Ed, Shayne became involved with the Koehler racing team and has since become a valuable and welcome addition to the crew. Shayne has since left the field of physical fitness and currently works for Combined Insurance Company as a Sales Representative, however, he is quickly working toward becoming a District Manager.


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